Pure Spermidine

One serving of DoNotAge.org Spermidine contains 8mg of pure spermidine, and higher levels are linked with a healthier life.

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Spermidine is a polyamine known for activating autophagy. Autophagy is the process that the body uses to get rid of damaged cells and maintenance of healthy cells. Natural autophagy decreases over time, and boosting it back to youthful levels with spermidine has shown incredible results.

Studies have shown that spermidine may delay ageing in humans, support the reduction of age-related diseases, upregulate sirtuin 1, support liver health, provide anti-inflammatory benefits and support a healthy brain.

Spermidine from DoNotAge.org contains a whopping 8mg per capsule.

We recommend reading the linked scientific studies on our Science page.

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