Phenoage is a calculated biological age that goes beyond chronological age by considering various biomarkers indicative of your body's overall health and aging process.

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Triglyceride Glucose Index

This calculator estimates your TyG index, a single measure combining fasting triglycerides and fasting glucose to assess metabolic health and potential insulin resistance.

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This calculator estimates your HOMA-IR (Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance) score, indicating how effectively your body uses insulin.

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Apolipoprotein B

The ApoB test measures the level of apolipoprotein B in your blood, a protein found in various lipoprotein particles. If you only have LDL-C and Triglycerides values, you can use this calculator to get an estimated value.

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Triglyceride HDL-C Index

The Triglyceride/HDL-C Index (THI) combines your fasting triglyceride and HDL-cholesterol levels to assess your metabolic health and potential risk for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.

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Cholesterol HDL-C Ratio

The Cholesterol/HDL ratio, also known as the atherogenic index, is a simple way to assess your risk for heart disease and other health problems. A higher HDL level ("good" cholesterol) compared to total cholesterol is generally considered better.

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Lean Mass Index

Lean Mass Index (LMI) is a metric estimating your relative muscle mass compared to your height. A higher LMI often indicates a greater proportion of muscle, potentially reflecting better strength, metabolism, and athletic performance.

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Fat Mass Index

Fat Mass Index (FMI) assesses your relative body fat content compared to your height, providing insight into potential health risks associated with fat distribution. Higher FMI values may indicate an increased risk of certain health problems.

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Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple calculation using your weight and height to estimate your body fat percentage. While not perfect, it can provide a general indicator of potential health risks associated with weight.

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