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What locations are supported?
Upgrade Health lab tests can only be done within the United States at the moment, excluding the states of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. We hope to see expansion into New York and Canada in the next year or two.
Can I purchase labs for someone I know?
Each account on Upgrade Health can only be used to purchase lab tests for one person (as many lab tests as you want, but for the same person). If you would like someone you know to have a lab test, it will need to be purchased through a separate Upgrade Health account.
How do I make a lab test appointment?
You can make an appointment at a Labcorp near you or check for availability of an at-home draw during the checkout process.
What do I get as part of my Upgrade Health membership?
Currently, paid membership includes better pricing on lab packages and supplements. It will come to include exclusive access to additional types of testing and new platform features as they become available.

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